Making Moments Meaningful: The Youth Worker Peer Network is designed to support youth workers in developing effective practice through the promotion of reflective and deliberately developmental communities. Click for more on why this is so important.

cartoon howling at moon making impact?

To be effective in our practice, we must be able to safely reflect on why we do this work, what our challenges are, and how we measure success in a meaningful way that inspires and motivates us.

Youth Worker-Specific resources, dialogues, videos, action-research, and more can be found by clicking through the menu above, and community can be found by joining our Facebook group: Youth Worker Peer Network: Making Moments Meaningful.

Making Moments Meaningful, The Movement, applies quality youth work development strategies to all contexts where human cooperation and learning is required to achieve shared goals.

Learn more about using a youth worker lens to promote human development here.

Our purpose: To promote safe spaces designed for human development throughout the lifespan that encourage learning from mistakes, overcoming traumas, and shared meaning making in the present moment.

Our social justice culture change goal: To disrupt the status quo of “power-over” professionalism in the workplace by promoting deliberately developmental, reflective meaning-making practices for more equitable leadership learning in organizations and communities, regardless of age, class, race, gender, or access-ability.


By signing up below, your name will be added to the list of supporters who believe that a new type of leadership is needed in our global world that is cooperative, honest, and equitable.

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