Youth Worker Workforce Development Plan

This site is only the beginning…

Here is our Youth Worker Workforce Development Logic Model

Youth Worker Workforce Development Logic Model

MMM Workforce Dev logic model 2017

The goal of Making Moments Meaningful is to create an online home for youth work practitioners to practice self-development and field leadership in community.

The platform I am researching to build this online network is called YourMembership.  Here’s what they have to offer and why I think it could be useful to our community.

Membership Software

  • Practitioners can join for free and develop their practice on their own terms, utilizing and providing collegial support to grow personally and professionally. 
  • Levels of membership would include access to further involvement in the network, such as formal mentorship and collegial coaching, facilitated action research and learning community teams, regional representation, professional promotion, and more.

Online Learning Management Platform

  • IBM uses this company to manage their online trainings for employees, and we could use it to share knowledge and build skills in a grassroots way.

Career Center and Job Board

  • Agencies can pay to use the site as a wellspring of professional, dedicated recruits.
  • Practitioners can work together to create and climb career ladders that work for them. 

Social Network Integration

  • Seamless integration of social networks that practitioners already use, to increase human engagement in community building across large distances and over time in a way that a separate platform cannot provide. 


In the meantime, please get involved in the Discussion Boards and spread the word!


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