Help Yourself! For Free!

Are you struggling with something personal that’s getting in the way of your work?

You’re not alone.

What’s helped me through some very challenging personal struggles and kept me above water as much as possible in my professional life, has been the process of active self reflection and journaling.

When I was younger my best friend told me that he noticed when something was bothering me, I liked to “roll in it” for awhile. For me, this meant not wanting to do much but think and write and talk about whatever it was, to uncover the reasons why and the way out of experiencing that discomfort in the future.

I now know that what I was trying to do was be a reflective learner.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 10.55.02 AM

5 Ways rolling in what’s bothering us can have negative affects on our ability to learn and help others.



  • It doesn’t work.  As a method of problem solving, rolling in the negative experience is not effective. It can push people away and create barriers to moving forward and learning from the experience. Instead of ruminating, self-reflection that empowers us to make meaning of an experience and learn from it can help us grow and move forward in a huge way.


Help Yourself! (to these Self Reflection & Journaling Activities!) 

If you’re struggling with a personal relationship and need help strengthening your boundaries, increasing self-esteem, or moving beyond codependency, here are some activities that may help.

Reflection Activity- Needs and Wants

Article by Lindsay Walz, M.Ed. in Youth Development & Leadership, and survivor of the 35W bridge collapse, about self-care.

*Currently under construction and seeking contributions of what has worked for you! Join the discussion below!*




2 Comments on “Help Yourself! For Free!

  1. I am a big user of grounding techniques in order to cope with the stress of the job. Specifically, especially in a stressful moment working with snarky teenage boys, I take a beat and think of 5 things I can see, 4 things I can touch, 3 things I can hear, etc. It usually helps me de-stress in the moment. As for when I am off the ob: MUSIC.


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